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TM100 Transponder Key Programmer with Full Software(62 Module) V7.14

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Product Description

TM100 programmer is a new generation of transponder programmer which is developed to cover, read, write and generate the latest transponders used in the latest vehicle immobilizer technologies.
New Release TM100 Transponder Key Programmer(Necessary for Locksmith)

Free Update forever
Top 5 Reasons to Get TM100:
1. Support Total 62 Modules
2. Easy Operation. After generating a new transponder with TM100 Programmer, you will not need any additional diagnostic equipment to program the generated transponder to the car! It will start the car directly! You only have to write the new file back into the immobilizer system!
3. Full Transponder Support. TM100 programmer not only support  Philips transponders, Temic transponders, Megamos transponders, Texas transponders, it can also generate images for many different original transponders like Philips ID33, Philips Crypto for different ID's and Texas crypto!
4. New functions for reading the Kilometers, VIN and transponder type for all BMW keys was added to the BMW software module! Immo pin code is also displayed for some car models.
5. Support All Key Lost. TM100 Programmer support Toyota/Lexus all system keys, support BMW CAS1,CAS2,CAS3,CAS3+, support Ducati motorcycle, support Audi EZS Megamos 8E, and many more functions.

tm100 7.14 download

 V7.08 released(2018-3-12)

 1. Add support for Toyota smart card type D4.
 2. Fix KeyMaker for Audi A4/A5/Q5 by BCM2 dump.
 3. Fix KeyMaker for Audi A6/A7/A8, Touareg by BCM2 dump and working key.
  This version can not be updated from TM100 software. You may download it from website. 

Latest version V7.12 download
V7.04 released(2017-9-16)
1. Add transponder detection for SLK(Toyota emulator smart key)
2. Add Keymaker for BMW bikes C600, C650, Husqvarna Nuda, Terra (Dashboard).
3. Add Keymaker for BMW bikes R1200GS, K1300, F800 (Immobox EWS).
4. Fix bugs.
This version includes firmware 2 update. Please DO NOT disconnect PC with TM100 
while updating.
V3.50 released (2016-12-9)
1. Add dump edit tool for VAG BCM2.
2. Add keymaker for Isuzu, NPR, D-Max as MY2007. Parts: Immo box, IC: EEPROM 93C56, Transponder: PCF7936. 
3. Fix bugs.
Select Tools, Dump Editor, VAG, BCM2, then load flash and EEPROM file, TM100 will
display VIN, CS, MAC, key IDE etc. Flash file size: 384k/512k/768k bytes, EEPROM file size: 4k/64k bytes.
You can also edit and save EEPROM.
Support models:
Audi A4/A5/A6/A7/A8/Q5, VW Touareg(Before MY2014.6)
NEC 70F3379/70F3880/70F3881/70F3634 (P flash size 384k/512k/768k)
D flash or 25320 (4k/64k)

TM100 V3.46 Released (2016-10-28)

1. Add keymaker for Mitsubishi, Montero as MY2000. Parts: Immo, IC: MC68HC805P18(with mask H44H), Transponder: Tiris 4D. 
2. Add keymaker for Mitsubishi, Pajero as MY2000. Parts: Immo, IC: MC68HC805P18(with mask H44H), Transponder: Tiris 4D. 
3. Add keymaker for Mitsubishi, Pajero sport as MY2000. Parts: Immo, IC: MC68HC805P18(with mask H44H), Transponder: Tiris 4D. 
4. Add keymaker for Mitsubishi, Space Wagon as MY1999. Parts: Immo, IC: MC68HC805P18(with mask H44H), Transponder: Tiris 4D. 
5. Add keymaker for Bentley, Arnage MY1998. Parts: Immo, IC: EEPROM 24C04, Transponder: PCF7935. 
6. Fix bugs for Ford 93C56.

TM100 V3.44 Released (2016-9-20):

1. Add keymaker for Chevrolet Aveo as MY2012. Parts: Immo, IC: 25160, Transponder: PCF7936
2. Fix bugs
Notes: This version includes firmware 1 update. Please DO NOT disconnect PC with TM100 while updating
TM100 V3.42 Released (2016-9-14):

1. Add function for odometer rewrite of CAS4,CAS4+
2. Add function for BMW CAS3+ save ISN
3. Add keymaker for BMW CAS3+ by ISN
4. Fix bugs

TM 100 -------2016-6-24 V3.36     released   

       1. Add keymaker for Suzuki Swift, Maruti Swift. Parts: Immobox, IC: 93C86,  Transponder: HITAG2;
       2. Add new type 24C16 support for Mitsubishi ASX, Outlander;
       3. Add keyexplorer for Renault Koleos, Megane;
       4. Bugs fix for ID46 image generator;
       5. Bugs fix for keymaker Chrysler 300C 9S12, 93C86;
       6. Bugs fix for keymaker Volvo V40 9S12;
       7. Bugs fix for keymaker Renault Laguna 95160;
       8. Bugs fix for keymaker Hyundai Accent 95040;
       9. Bugs fix for keymaker Renault Espace III HC08;
       10. Bugs fix for keymaker Hyundai Santa Fe 95P80;
       11. Bugs fix for write 7-byte CS for VAG;
       12. Bugs fix for locking Tiris 4E;

2015-7-21 V3.09 released:

1. Add keymaker: China vehicle, Delphi Immobox, 93C66, ID48. Models: GreatWall Hover,Wingle,Voolex C10,C20,C30,V200,V240,X240, ZhongHua;
2. Bugs fix;

EEPROM is 93C66B, SOT-23. You can read it by XProg using Microchip 93xx66B. The wire schematic from 6-PIN to 8-PIN can be got from technical support;
General functions:
General function 1. The list of supported for the present transponders.
Philips transponders: 
PCF7930-31 reading 
PCF7935 reading, shadow memory
PCF7936 writing, reading, password mode, crypto mode, Manchester or Biphase encodings
PCF7941 transponder, remote, EEPROM, Manchester or Biphase encodings
PCF7942 transponder, remote, EEPROM, Manchester or Biphase encodings
PCF7943 transponder, remote, Manchester or Biphase encodings
PCF7944 transponder, remote, EEPROM, Manchester or Biphase encodings
PCF7945 transponder, remote, EEPROM, Manchester or Biphase encodings
PCF7946 transponder, remote, Manchester or Biphase encodings
PCF7947 transponder, remote, EEPROM, Manchester or Biphase encodings
PCF7952 transponder, remote, EEPROM, Manchester or Biphase encodings
PCF7953 IDE, EEPROM reading
PCF7961 transponder, remote, Manchester or Biphase encodings
Temic transponders:
Temic 11 reading, writing to T5
Temic 12 reading, writing to T5 
Temic 8C reading
Megamos transponders:
Megamos 13 reading, writing to T5, emulating on PCF7930-35
Megamos 48 reading, writing, PIN, unlock by PIN, full range of memory contents
Megamos CRYPTO-2 8E read ID, read/write EEPROM, write Cryptokey
Texas transponders:
Tiris 4C reading
Tiris 4D DST crypto reading, writing
Tiris 4E DST crypto reading, writing
Tiris DST+ reading

General function 2. The list of supported type for image generator.
 ID33 for Mazda ID33 for Nissan ID33 for Opel ID33 for VW ID40 for Opel   ID40 for Nissan  ID41 for Nissan  ID44 for VAG
ID45 for Peugeot  ID46 for Chery ID46 for Chevrolet circle+  ID46 for Chrysler Y170 ID46 for Chrysler Y164 ID46 for Geely Emgrand ID46 for Geely Emgrand ID46 for Mitsubishi
ID46 for Peugeo 206 307 ID46 for Porsche Cayenne ID46 for Renault Clio II ID46 for Renault Clio III ID46 for Renault Espace4 phase 1 ID46 for Renault Espace4 phase 2 ID46 for Renault Laguna2 phase 1 ID46 for Renault Laguna2 phase 2
ID46 for Renault Master phas 2 ID46 for Renault Megane2 ID46 for Renaul Scenic2 ID46 for Renault Trafic phase 2 ID46 for Renault Vel Satis phase 1 ID46 for Renault Vel Satis phase 2 ID46 for VW Phaeton, Touareg ID48 for China VW Jetta 2011
ID60  ID61 ID62 ID63 ID64 ID65 ID66 ID67 for Toyota
ID68 for Toyota ID70 for Toyota, Peugeot ID73 for Mercedes 
C, E class 1996-1999
ID73 for Mercedes G class 1996-1999 ID73 for Mercedes ML TP22 for Seat TP23 for VW
TP24 for Skoda
TP25 for Audi
Special Functions:
1. It has 62 key maker modules at the first version(V1.0), please click 62 modules to check.
2. PIN Calculator Functions
Calculator 1: Honda/Acura password calculator
Description: 1st password, 2nd password, HIM unlock password, PCM code for any year.
Calculator 2: Ford/Mazda incode calculator
Description: Calculate incode by outcode.(Before 2012MY)
Calculator 3: Nissan/Infiniti PIN calculator
Description: Calculate PIN by BCM part number.

TM100 for BMW special functions:
 1.BMW EWS1, EWS2, EWS3, EWS4;
 2.BMW CAS1, CAS2, CAS3, CAS3+, CAS4, CAS4+;
 3.BMW motorcycle HITAG key;
TM100 for Toyota/Lexus special functions:
 1.Toyota H reading;
 2.Cover all Toyota and Lexus models(Tiris 4C, Tiris 4D, Tiris DST+, G chip and Smart key) except for latest type H transponde
 3.Toyota/Lexus Smart key car list:Land Cruiser 200, Land Cruiser Prado, RAV4, Venza, Corolla, Lexus:LX 570, GX 460, RX, LS 460, GS, IS.;
Packing including:
1pc x TM100 Programmer

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